Club Road Championship 2018

The road championship was held on Saturday 28th July at Alfa-Lea, Grovetown. The course is either out and in or for 10000 metres a square course added with a dog leg towards the end. This year we shares the road with cycling which did not pose a problem for either sport. It was a fine mild day ideal for running or walking with a stiff Nor-west wind.
Results are:

1000 metres
Boys 7 and under;
Dylan Boyd 1 (5:19) Non-member

2000 metres
Boys 12 and under;
Michael James 1 (8:27), Jayden Lucas 2 (13:07)
Girls 12 and under;
Alice Barnes 1 (8:25)Non- member

5000 metres
Junior Women under 19
; Shanay Harney 1 (22:39) Non-member, Anna Barnes 2 (25:09)
Veteran Women; Margaret Hazelwood 1 (25:48), Mieke Holtrop 2 (29:13), Kathryn Mann 3 (33:47)
Walkers: Alison Brook 1 (46:28, Sheila Waters 1 (46:33), Kay Leach 3 (46:48)
10000 metres
Senior Women;
Rebecca Jones 1 (63:48)
Senior Men; Quintin Adlam 1 (40:57, Dale Smit 2 (44:01), Cameron Kain 3 (46:09)
Veteran Men;
Ed Massey 1 (43:18), Peter Mann 2 (48:31), David Bendell 3 (52:12)

Road Champs for 2018 are:
Boys 12 and under; Michael James
Junior Women 19 and under; Anna Barnes
Veteran Women; Margaret Hazelwood
Walkers; Alison Brook
Senior Women; Becky Jones
Senior Men; Quintin Adlam
Veteran Men; Ed Massey.;

Full results can be found here.

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Mt Vernon Grand Traverse, Mt Vernon Fun Run/Walk and Mt Vernon Kids Challenge.

Sunday 10th June 2018:

The sky was clear, the sun shining, the 3 courses on the Wither Hills Farmpark could not have been better so a large number turned out to compete and compete they did.

211 registered for their respective races. 72 to do the 18km Grand Traverse, 120 to do the fun Run/Walk and 19 for the Kid’s Challenge.

George Varney, a Club Member and student at Marlborough Boys College took line honours in the 18km Grand Traverse in a time of 1:16:04 which was 3:20:00 off the record 116:24 set in 2012 by Jeremy McKenzie. This was still a very credible time for George as part way through the race he rolled his ankle so running on an extremely bad sprain. He certainly knew about it when he took his shoe and sock off at the finish. Not too far behind was Sam Manson in 1:18:16 followed by Sam Hansby in 1:20:18.

In the women’s race Katie Malthus came in first in a time of 1:38:00, Jeanette Landers second in 1:41:40 and Tania Bottomley third in 1:47:45.

Connor Guillemot took line honours in the 11km fun Run/Walk in a time of 0:55:18 followed by Fergus Green 0:57:20 and Ed Massey third in 0:58:52.

In the women’s race Emily Marfell was first in 0:59:43 breaking the course record last held by Megan Craig. Second was Paula Oliver in 1:03:01 and third Hannah Barnsley in 1:03:56.

In the Kids Challenge boys Connor Pugh took line honours in 0:08:16 which was a course record. He was followed by Hugo Grigg in 0:09:07 and third Oliver Harris in 0:9:13.

For Kids Challenge Girls Grace Pettit won in 1:10:27, Zoe Marshall 2nd in 0:10:28 and Leia Shaw third in 0:11:07.

A huge thank you to the Volunteers spending their time doing what was needed to be done, Competitors of all ages in all grades and all our very generous sponsors.

See you all next year.

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Club Cross Country Championship Saturday 23rd June 2018

We held our championship races on Mr Kemp’s farm at Seventeen Valley alongside SH 1.
Conditions could not have been better for this Harrier event. Lovely winter sunshine together with a creek with plenty of water one had to cross several times on the course. Mix that with a large bog hole making it a true Cross Country Course.
A small number of Harriers turned out but they very competitive. It was great to have 4 guests of Peter Mann and 1 of Robbie Barnes along to join in the fun of running in Marlborough. They all thought it was a lot of fun and great course.
Results are:
2000 metres
Boys 12 and under;
Connor Pugh 1 (10:00), Michael James 2 (11:09)
Girls 12 and under;
Katie Pugh 1 (12:15), Leia Shaw 2 (17:31)
6000 metres
Senior Women;
Rebecca Jones 1 (45:19)
Veteran Women;
Lynne Fitzpatrick 1 (32:26), Julie Buunk 2 (37:40), Tracey Sims 2 (38:15)
8000 metres
Veteran Men;
Robbie Barnes 1 (35:17), Seb Peter Mann 2 (43:04), Russell Lundon 3 (43:30)
10000 metres
Senior Men;
Dale Smit 1 (55:27)
Thanks go to Paul Kemp allowing us to use a small portion of his farm.

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Pelorus Interclub 19 May 2018

Marlborough Harrier Club hosted the Nelson Clubs to a cross country event at Pelorus on Saturday. It had been some time since we had Nelson over by invitation. Very pleasing to see approximately 40 people turn up for this mini event.
The event was held as a non-competitive event but we all know when Harriers get together there will always be this element of competitiveness.  Knowing this it was decided between Marlborough and Nelson we take the times of 1st, 5th, 9th, 13th and last from each side of the hill, add them up and it is the least total accumulated times that wins.
Marlborough came in with 5 hours 31 minutes 18 seconds.
Nelson came in with 6 hours 4 minutes 20 seconds.
This made Marlborough the winner.
In the words of David Bendell “Great run on Saturday – pleasant conditions -
Caught up with some of my harrier friends from Nelson/Waimea. A tough run up to the “trig” and around a loop, albeit around 7kms but I was still out for 1hour 23 minutes very pleasant thro lovely beech/punga forest. Good solid run with a good catch-up over afternoon tea.”

Everyone enjoying afternoon tea and a chat at Pelorus

Results can be seen here.

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Burton Cup at Taylor Dam 5th May 2018

They are off.

Dry conditions greeted those contesting the Marlborough Harrier Club’s oldest trophy race, the Burton Cup Sealed Handicapped Cross Country at Taylor Dam on Saturday afternoon. All competitors started on go with their finishing times altered according to their sealed handicap. Made for some interesting running and results.
Unfortunately an accident on top of the Dam to one walker meant other walkers coming from behind stopped to assist thus no recorded time for them.
The handicap systems works so as to give every competitor, no matter what their ability, an even chance of winning their grade.
A full set of Burton Cup results can be found at

1000 metres
Girls 10 and under;
Harriet Cornelius 1 (7.30) Lily McKenzie 2 (7.45) Fast actual time Harriet Cornelius 5.30
2000 metres
Boys 12 and under;
Jayden Lucas 1= (10.25), Callum Rayner 1= (10.25), Michael James 3 (10.46) Fastest actual time Connor Pugh 8.26
Girls 12 and under;
Katie Pugh 1 (10.45) Sophia Dillon 2 (10.51) Zara Jopson 3 (11.06) Fastest actual time Sophia Dillon 10.21
3000 metres
Girls 14 and under;
Jorja Bacchus 1 (16.13) and was fastest actual time 16.13.
6000 metres
Veteran Women;
Tracey Sims 1 (48.00), Hayleigh Rayner 2 (50.33), Julie Buunk 3 (51.07) Fastest actual time Tracey Sims 34.00
Tony Burgess 1 (59.13) and was fastest actual time 39.13.

George Varney enjoying the day out

8000 metres
Junior Men;
George Varney 1 (50.42) with fastest actual time 30.42
Veteran Men;
Jim Mercer 1 (48.26), Rab Rodger 2 (49.20), Russell Lundon 3 (49.24)

Peter Mann followed closely by Rab Rodger

Fastest actual time Ed Massey 36.26






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