Novice Cup 6th April 2019

Overcast and firm footing conditions prevailed for those that contested the Marlborough Harrier Club’s Novice Cup Handicapped Cross Country event at Taylor Dam on Saturday afternoon. However, during the race, it turned cold and damp but that is Cross Country running/ walking. The handicap system works so as to give every competitor, no matter what their ability, an even chance of winning their grade. In theory everyone in their respective grade should cross the finish line together. The handicappers did a good job with most competitors coming in within a short time. We had grades represented from under 12 and under to veterans.
The next race at Taylor Dam is for the Burton Cup which is one of the club’s oldest trophies April 27th.
A full set of Novice Cup results can be found here
Photos from the day can be found here

Results of the Novice Cup are as follows:
Veteran Men John Dickason; Veteran Women Theresa Thompson; Walkers Barry Hyndman;
All other grades contested the winners have won medals in the past.

2000 metres

Boys 12 and under; Connor Pugh 1 (30.37), Cullum Rayner 2 (30.39) Jayden Lucas 3 (12.13).
Fastest actual Connor Pugh (7.52)
Girls 12 and under; Katie Pugh 1 (29.48),)
Fastest actual time: Katie Pugh (9.18).

3000 metres

Girls 14 and under; Jorja Bacchus 1 (28.37)
Fastest actual time Jorja Bacchus 14.37.
Boys 14 and under; Michael James 1 (29.16) Matthew Hall 2 (29.24)
Fastest actual time Michael James 14.16.
Walkers; Barry Hyndman 1 (48.35) Tony Burgess 2 (48.43), Judith Hyndman 3 (50.35),
Fastest Actual Time: Tony Burgess (21.58)

4000 metres

Veteran Women; Theresa Thompson 1 (43.57), Hayleigh Rayner 2 (47.40), Tracey Sims 3 (48.13),
Fastest Actual Time Haleigh Rayner (20.40)

6000 metres

Senior Men; Dale Smit 1 (49.48)
Fastest actual time Dale Smit 27.18.

Veteran Men; John Dickason 1 (47.30), Mark Kennedy 2 (47.51), Russell Lundon 3 (48.06), Fastest Actual Time: Mark Kennedy  (24.51)


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