London Marathon Sunday 21 April 2013

Ron Adams from our Club ticked off one bucket list item by competing in the London Marathon. Race result for Ron taken off the website is:

Time 3 hours 46 minutes 37 seconds. Half way 1 hour 45 minutes 32 seconds.
Placed for the marathon field overall 7678. Was placed 6243 for males and 472 in the category 50 – 54 age.

Well done Ron from Marlborough Harrier Club.

The following is Ron’s report from the day:
Well that would be a big fat line through the Bucket list line for today’s effort.
What a fantastic time. Spectators everywhere, the longest stretch I saw without people lining the railing was about 100 meters. Over half of the way it was 2 to 15+ deep on the railings then in the city centre ( the last 10 k or so) there where people up on the buildings everywhere, so much noise and support all the way it was amazing, the ears are just about as sore as the legs.
Was a good run for me up until the last 5 km or so then I started getting very sore knots in the legs that slowed me down by about a minute a km but I managed to run all the way.  I saw Debbie and our friends twice on the course.  The first about the 18km mark just as we were coming up onto Tower Bridge and then just before the finish outside Buckingham Palace.  Was absolutely packed basically all the way while I was running on the course. Just so many people, more than anything you think to expect even Auckland 1/2 is no-where near as congested but you had to be really careful not to get foot tripped or foot trip anyone else.
Security and Police wasn’t really anything more than normal for London. Police everywhere is the norm.
We all observed a minutes silence at the start for those from Boston.
Off tomorrow to start the Europe leg of the trip, but from all the different languages spoken everywhere here you’d thing we were already on the continent.
Ron & Debbie

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