King & Queen of the Withers 2018

View from the top

Start of Hybrid section

A good field came to face the starters gun

Start of the runners section

on Saturday in perfect running/walking conditions. The 10km course took them up to the top of the Wither Hills following the skyline, back down to the Harling Park track then back to the start finish at Riflerange Carpark.
The course record for Junior Men held by Tom Webby in 2005 in a time of 48:09 was broken by George Varney in a time of 44:20. Well done George.
The next closest to come near the course record was Soozie Wood VW in a time of 49:39. Susie Aviss holds this record at 47:41. All other records were safe on the day.



Chris Morrisey (number 80) flanked by Billy Hebberd (39) and George Varney (19) at the start of the climb.

Chris Morrisey (VM) took out the King of the Withers crown in 43.28.
Soozie Wood (VW) took out the Queen of the Withers crown in 49:39.

Soozie Wood getting near the end

Robbie Barnes claimed the Dennis Patchett Memorial Trophy for the 1st Marlborough Harrier Club member home.

Results are:
Children’s 1.5 run: 1st Michael James in 8.31.20; 2nd Hunter Marfell in 8.43.05; 3rd Zoe Marfell in 9.00 2nd Hunter Marfell in 8.43.05; 3rd Zoe Marfell in 9.00.53
Run: 10km
Junior Men: 1st George Varney in 44.20; 2nd Edan Fitzpatrick in 48.46; 3rd Hamish Trembath.
Junior Women: 1st Anna Barnes in 1.08.07
Senior Men: 1st Scott Waterman in 44.24; 2nd Sean Martin in 49.58; 3rd Matthew Hellriegel in 50.00

First drink station

Senior Women:
1st Nikita Watkins in 54.11; 2nd Josie Maher in 58.31; 3rd Grace Binnie in 1.01.12
Veteran Men: 1st Chris Morrisey in 43.28; 2nd Billy Hebberd in 43.49; 3rd Brian Kemp in 47.30
Hybrid walk/run:
Junior man: Callum Rayner in 1.11.22
Junior women: 1st Katie Foley-Taylor in 1.10.17; 2nd Siobhan Keay in 1.48.42
Senior Men: 1st Phillip Johnson in 1.03.11; 2nd Nick Rayner in 1.11.23; 3rd Greg Slatter in 1.14.28
Senior Women: 1st Colleen Pask in 1.11.01; 2nd Carrie Wilson in 1.32.l54; 3rd Sarah Shearer in 1.53.44
Veteran Men: 1st John Urlich in 1.00.48; Ian Buunk in 1.12.05; 3rd Graeme Stenhouse in 1.12.13
Walkers 10km:
Senior Women: 1st Elyse Wadsworth in 1.42.17
Veteran Men: 1st John Baxter in 1.29.53; 2nd Ron Milbanke in 1.30.51; 3rd Philip Hardaker in 2.22.13

Great excitement at prizegiving

Veteran Women: 1st Helen Crampton in 1.24.41; 2nd Joy Crump in 2.23.02; 3rdMeryl Penchev in 1.56.48

Last but not least – making it their run.


Full set of results can be found here

Action photos of this event kindly provided by David Smit can be found here
Action photos of this event kindly provided by various contributors can be found here

A big thank you goes to competitors and sponsors making this one of Marlborough’s Iconic event.
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