Fairhall Road Race – Handicapped Saturday 1st September 2018

Marlborough Harrier Club held their Fairhall Road Race on the Ben Morven circuit on Saturday. This is a handicap race giving all Club Members the opportunity to be in the trophy mix.
Conditions were ideal on the course with overhead fine, warm conditions but the start of a NW wind.
There were a good number of members absent this year because they were doing other things around the top of the south like the Dun Run in Nelson.
Results are:
2000 metres
Boys 12 and under; Jayden Lucas 1 (37:03) Michael James 2 (37:28) Matthew Hall 4 (25.34) Fastest running time Michael James (8:28)
9200 metres
Junior Women; Anna Barnes 1 (1:06:04) and fastest running time (44:04)
Social Walkers; Shona Allen 1 (1:31:48), Kay Leach 2 (1:31:49), Barry Hyndman 3 (1:36:43) Fastest walking time Barry Hyndman (1:16:43) We did have non-member Steven Hill also walking doing the course in a good time 1:26:10

Open Men; Thomas Walsh 1 (1:05:42), Cameron Kain 2 (1:07:48), Quintin Adlam 3 (1:07:49, Fastest running time Quintin Adlam (37:48)
Veteran Men; Ian Buunk 1 (1:03:11), Don Bate 2 (1:04:48), Ed Massey 3 (1:08:26) Fastest running time Ed Massey (38:26)

Veteran Women; Julie Buunk 1 (1:05:42), Tracey Sims 2 (1.10:43), Kathryn Mann 3 (1:10:52) Fastest running time Tracey Sims (48:42)

Full results can be found here

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