The Molesworth Run

November 17, 2018


                            Entries open now 

General Description

The gravelled road climbs Ward Pass 1145m and descends into Isolated Flat – 250 hectares of expansive grass and tussock lands, bounded by rolling mountains and massive scree slopes. Once at Red Gate the road loosely follows the Acheron River through to the historic Acheron Accommodation house and the confluence of the Acheron and Clarence rivers, from here we follow the Clarence to Jack’s Pass – and there into the North Canterbury town of Hanmer Springs – finishing outside the famous Hanmer thermal spa. – A total distance of 84km.


Altitude: This event is run in the ‘High Country’, approx 1000 metres above sea level. As such weather patterns are EXTREME. Severe heat, little shade and limited water, can be countered with snow and severe frost at any time of the year. Competitors and support vehicles must be equipped to handle these conditions!

Vehicles: As this event is being held inside the “open” period for Molesworth the road may be rough in places – vehicles with low ground clearance may have problems. Station management have stipulated ONE VEHICLE PER TEAM OR SOLO EVENTER – this will be strictly adhered to. Supporters may view the last section from public road i.e. from Hanmer to Acheron Accommodation house. Vehicles should have adequate spares i.e. fan belts, hoses, fuel and be in reliable condition. There are no fuel supplies available between Blenheim & Hanmer. Road not suitable for buses.

Rubbish: In short – NONE. Take it in, Take it out – It is pristine country keep it that way!!

Competitors – Must supply their own support. Your team mates are your support – your vehicle is both transport and haven if weather is inclement. Organisers insist that an adequate supply of water and or replacement drinks to be carried. Carry a first-aid kit.

Race Format

Solo: Eventers begin at 8am at Molesworth Cob Cottage. Solo runners must be proven ultra distance competitors. Solo runners must have reached the last Transition Point by 4 pm. Runners who have not done so will be encouraged to withdraw. Previous ultra events and times must be supplied with race entry – time limit 10 hours.

Teams of 2: Teams of 2 x approx 42km legs. Teams of 2 must run Legs 1&2 or Legs 3&4 (Running alternate Legs is not allowed). Start at 8 am with the solo eventers.

Teams of 4: Teams of 4 x approx 21km legs. Teams of 4 start at 9 am. A runner from a 4 Person Team may run for Two Teams (i.e.: another 4 Person Team that through injury has only 3 runners) BUT this can only be done on Leg 1. The runner involved must wear the Team Numbers for both Teams.


Field limited to 75 teams and 20 solo eventers.Grades will comprise of Open Men, Open Women, Vet. Men, Vet Women & Mixed.

The teams events will be run under a normal relay format i.e. runners tag next team member. However each leg will have a 2 hour period in which a runner has to tag his team mate. If the leg is uncompleted after 2 hrs the next runner must start. If uncompleted after 3 hrs the runner will be withdrawn.

Mixed teams must have at least 1 member of the opposite sex per team.

Race order sheets are provided with race pack and must list runners full names in race order.
Take note: SOLO runners and Two Person Teams start at 8am.

Four persons’ teams start at 9amRunners should be experienced ½ marathon or marathon competitors willing and able to cope with extremes in temperature and altitude.

Race Start Location / Directions

The Race Start is at the Molesworth Cob Cottage. To drive there, take SHW 1 and travel 22 km south from Blenheim. Then turn west (i.e. right) at the Awatere Road intersection. Drive 87 km up to the race start at the Cottage. A large part of this is a metal road and total travel time from Blenheim is 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Camping at the DOC camping area Cob Cottage will be permitted on the night prior to this event. Tent /Campervan site toilets only.

N.B.: Competitors wishing to drive through Molesworth Station from Hanmer on the evening of Friday 18th November or the morning of Saturday 19th November (Race Day) can do so. This drive will take at least two hours.

Contact: Maurice Brown, Old Renwick Road, R D 1, Blenheim

Tel: (03) 57 84661



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