Club Kaikoura Run

What a fantastic day Saturday with the Kaikoura Peninsula run on the
harrier calendar.
Alastair Christie got us there and back in the safe manner he always
does and the 11 harriers/walkers on board spent 1 – 1-30minutes
running or walking around the well marked and informative Kaikoura
The day was spectacular with the sun reflecting the snow in the
gullies of the Seaward Kaikoura’s like new corrugated iron – not a
breathe of wind,and to the South as far as the eye could gaze.
It is harrier trips like that make one get to know the province and
the complimentary coach trip returned your annual Harrier subscription
in one afternoon !! A great day and a day to remember I’m sure,  for
those 11 who responded to your call !

David Bendell

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