Burton Cup at Taylor Dam 5th May 2018

They are off.

Dry conditions greeted those contesting the Marlborough Harrier Club’s oldest trophy race, the Burton Cup Sealed Handicapped Cross Country at Taylor Dam on Saturday afternoon. All competitors started on go with their finishing times altered according to their sealed handicap. Made for some interesting running and results.
Unfortunately an accident on top of the Dam to one walker meant other walkers coming from behind stopped to assist thus no recorded time for them.
The handicap systems works so as to give every competitor, no matter what their ability, an even chance of winning their grade.
A full set of Burton Cup results can be found at http://www.harriers.net.nz/results

1000 metres
Girls 10 and under;
Harriet Cornelius 1 (7.30) Lily McKenzie 2 (7.45) Fast actual time Harriet Cornelius 5.30
2000 metres
Boys 12 and under;
Jayden Lucas 1= (10.25), Callum Rayner 1= (10.25), Michael James 3 (10.46) Fastest actual time Connor Pugh 8.26
Girls 12 and under;
Katie Pugh 1 (10.45) Sophia Dillon 2 (10.51) Zara Jopson 3 (11.06) Fastest actual time Sophia Dillon 10.21
3000 metres
Girls 14 and under;
Jorja Bacchus 1 (16.13) and was fastest actual time 16.13.
6000 metres
Veteran Women;
Tracey Sims 1 (48.00), Hayleigh Rayner 2 (50.33), Julie Buunk 3 (51.07) Fastest actual time Tracey Sims 34.00
Tony Burgess 1 (59.13) and was fastest actual time 39.13.

George Varney enjoying the day out

8000 metres
Junior Men;
George Varney 1 (50.42) with fastest actual time 30.42
Veteran Men;
Jim Mercer 1 (48.26), Rab Rodger 2 (49.20), Russell Lundon 3 (49.24)

Peter Mann followed closely by Rab Rodger

Fastest actual time Ed Massey 36.26






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