Burton Cup 27th April 2019 at Taylor Dam

Start of the Burton Cup 2019

Marlborough Harrier Club had a very successful cross- country event on Saturday 27th April 2019 at the Taylor Dam. This was for the annual Burton Cup. The original W.G. Burton Trophy was first presented in 1933 for a 5- mile Open Handicap. It is now presented for a Handicap Cross Country event in the calendar for all grades over varying distances. This race being handicapped gave everyone a chance to win the trophy.
This year was certainly different because unbeknown to us the Taylor Dam reserve was out of bounds so thanks to Bill Hunter and Marl Kennedy and GPS, 2 new courses were made up to cater for the varying distances.
The feedback at the finish line was “what a great Cross- Country course”
The event was run in very blustery warm conditions testing the competitors to their limit but they all had the same conditions.
It was great to have an increased number turn out for the junior grades with many new comers joining in.
The same went for Veteran Men with 5 new runners. That just added to the competition.
A full set of Burton Cup results can be found at
A full set of photos can be found on
1000 metres
Girls 7 and under;
Honor McKenzie 1 (6:08) and fast actual time

Start 10 and under Burton Cup 2019

Boys 7 and under;
Joseph Gilhooly 1 (5:00_ and fastest lap time.
Girls 10 and under;
Daire Robertson 1 (5:10) and fastest lap time. Hannah Gilhooly 2 (5:55)
2000 metres
Boys 12 and under;
Callum Rayner 1 (10:33), Harry MacNeill * (10:52), Billy Hurren 3 (11:01) Fastest actual time Callum Rayner (9:03)
Girls 12 and under;
Neve McKenzie 1 (9:00) Bella Rayner 2 (9:10)
Fastest actual time Neve McKenzie (8:30)
3000 metres
Girls 14 and under;
Jorja Bacchus 1 (16:53) and was fastest actual time.

Jorja Bacchus

Boys 14 and under;
Michael James 1 (14:41), Finn McKenzie 2 (15:01)
Fastest actual time Finn McKenzie (12:46)
4000 metres;
Sheila Waters 1= (44:46), Erin Waters * 1= (44:46)
6000 metres
Women 19 and under;
Anna Barnes 1 (38:58) and fastest actual time.
Veteran Women;
Tracey Sims 1 (34:09) and fastest actual time.
Alison Brook 1 (56:45) Winner of Burton Cup (Walkers)
8000 metres
Senior Women;
Gyuri Park 1 (52:59) and fastest actual time.

Brian Martin powering through

Veteran Men;
Brian Martin 1 (46:45), Graeme Lear 2 (47:54) *, Mark Kennedy 3 (47:58), Robbie Barnes 4 (48:17) Fastest actual time Robbie Barnes 32:47.
*Indicates a non- member of Marlborough Harrier Club.





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