Buller Marathon 2015

The weather came to the party for those club members contesting the ever popular Buller Marathon 0n Saturday. Initial overcast conditions and a period of light rain aided in particular the marathon competitors prior to descent into Westport. We were well represented in both the 42.2km and 21.1km distances. Robbie Barnes, Lionel Graham and  Jan Curnow all recorded top-three finishes in their respective grades in the half marathon.

Full Marathon Run
Paul Gunningham 3hrs 56min 47sec                                                                                         Tracey Sims 4hrs 22min 39sec

Half Marathon Run
Robbie Barnes 1hr 19min 50sec; 1st M5059                                                                             Kevin Bishell 1hr 28min 39sec                                                                                                        Lionel Graham 1hr 40min 40sec; 1st M7099                                                                               Ron Adams 1hr 42min 07sec                                                              Allister Leach 1hr 50min 19sec                                                                                                         Jan Curnow 1hr 55min 56sec; 3rd F5564                                                                                  Steve Olsen 2hrs 07min 02sec                              

Half Marathon Walk
Judith Hyndman 2hrs 43min 07sec                                                                                              Kay Leach 3hrs 01min 28sec
For full results click here                                                                                                                   View the You Tube video of the finish here
For some photo’s click here (courtesy of Michelle Fox)





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