The following are books donated to the Harrier Club available to members upon request.
They are stored at the Harrier Club Shed. When taking out the book you want, please note it in the record book supplied giving name, book taken, date taken then mark the book returned date.
Please be aware others could want to borrow the book you have so return date will be 3 weeks from date taken.
If any member have any running or walking books surplus at home, make its home with Harriers and everyone can have access to that information. Phone Les McKay 021463922 or deliver to 71A Muller Road, Blenheim.

Book Title                                                                                        Author

Complete Book of Running                                        Runners World

Cures for Common Running Injuries                     Steven Subotnick

Jog, Run, Race                                                            Joe Henderson

Off the Front Foot                                                      Mark Inglis

Running with Lydiard                                               Arthur Lydiard & Garth Gilmour

SAS Fitness Training                                                  Barry Davies

Peter Snell – from Olympian to Scientist                Peter Snell & Garth Gilmour

The Fastest Old Man in the World –                        Vince Boyle
- The Derek Turnbull Story

Lance Armstrong – It’s not about the Bike              Sally Jenkins

Born to Run – Story of the Tarahumara Indian      Christopher McDougall

Running and Being – The total experience              Dr George Sheehan

Medical advice for Runners                                       Dr George Sheehan



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