Committee & Contacts

The Marlborough Harriers 2018 Administration Committee

John Bailey Patron
Allister Leach President
Bill Hunter Senior Vice President
Ted Lucas Vice President
Les McKay Vice President
Phil Taylor Co-Club Captain (0276005050)
Ed Massey Co-Club Captain (0211924924)
Leanne Barnes Secretary (03) 5757456
Alison Brook Treasurer
Neville Marr Race Secretary
Bronwyn James Handicapper Walkers & Children
Fleur Jenneson Committee & Asst Club Captains
Robbie Barnes Men’s, Women’s  Handicapper
Bronwyn James Children’s Liaison
Dale Smit Committee
Michelle Harris Committee
Warren Hall Committee & Webmaster
 Wendy Gibson Committee
 Cameron Kain  Committee
Sub-Committees responsible for Club public events:
 King and Queen of the Withers – January:                 Phil TaylorMt Vernon Grand Traverse
Allister Leach

Queen Charlotte Relay
Les McKay & Wynnie Cosgrove

The Molesworth Run
November              Maurice Brown

Summer Runners
October to March 
Bill and Julie Hunter

Social          Kay Leach and Leanne Barnes

Liaison Tussock Run
August -                    Robbie Barnes

Administrative position supporting events

Traffic Management - Allister Leach
Equipment -                    Ed Massey
MDC Liaison –               Bronwyn James
Club trophies collect- Ray & Sheila Waters


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