Novice Cup held at Taylor Dam 16th April 2016

Brilliant overhead conditions prevailed for those that contested the Marlborough Harrier Club’s Novice Cup Handicapped Cross Country event at Taylor Dam on Saturday afternoon. It was a challenge to traverse the bog in the first half of the course but all came through unscathed.
The handicap system works so as to give every competitor, no matter what their ability, an even chance of winning their grade. In theory everyone in their respective grade should cross the finish line together. The handicappers did a good job with most competitors coming in within a short time. We had all grades represented from under 7’s to veterans. Great to see so many children getting out and enjoying themselves.
The next championship race on 7th May, will be an extra challenge for seniors, veterans and walkers who will all step up to longer distances on the day.
A full set of Novice Cup results can be found here.
Results of the Novice Cup (first five placings) are as follows:
1000 metres
Boys 7 and under;
Blake Marfell 1 (6.49), Andrew Hall 2 (7.17), Fastest Actual time: Blake Marfell (5.09)
Girls 7 and under;
Anna Love 1 with fastest actual time (6.42),
Boys 10 and under; Michael James 1 (6.22Jayden Lucas 2 (7.01) Fastest Actual Time: Michael James (4.32)
Girls 10 and under;
Gemma Bishell 1 (6.54), Sam Marfell 2 (6.59) Fastest Actual Time: Sam Marfell (4.49)
2000 metres

Boys 12 and under; Louis Thomas (16.05), James Hansen 2 (17.09) Fletcher Kopua 3 (17.11). Fastest Actual Time: Connor Pugh (9.38)
Girls 12 and under; Neve McKenzie 1 (13.08), Amber Bendell 2 (13.41) Katie Pugh 3 (16.28) Fastest actual time: Neve McKenzie (10.08).
3000 metres
Boys 14 and under;
Finn McKenzie 1 (15.54), Angus Kopua 2 (16.42) Gus Marfell 3 (19.51) Fastest Actual Time: Gus Marfell (13.51)
Girls 14 and under; Lara Bacchus 1 (19.58) with fastest time (17.58)
4000 metres
Girls 16 and under; Olivia Capper 1 (31.35) Anna Barnes 2 (33.33) Fastest Actual time: Olivia Capper (27.05)
Walkers; Kathryn Mann 1 (29 minutes) Sheila Waters 2 (29.30), Kay Leach 3 (29.56), Fastest Actual Time: Judith Hyndman (25.28)
Veteran Women; Brenda Pottinger 1 (30.49), Lisa Kane 2 (31.04), Jan Curnow 3 (31.44), Fastest Actual Time: Brenda Pottinger (23.49)
6000 metres
Junior men;
Adam Baker 1 (57.58) Fastest actual time Adam Baker 28.43)
Veteran Men;
Ray Waters 1 (54.41), Peter Mann 2 (56.38), Kevin Bishell 3 (57.08), Fastest Actual Time: Glenn Marfell  (26.13)


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Scratch Cross Country race Saturday 2nd April 2016

One of the largest fields for a number of years assembled for the Marlborough Harrier Club scratch races at Taylor Dam on Saturday afternoon. A lot of newcomers, including families, took part and weather conditions on the day were ideal considering the rain early Saturday morning.  These races are used by the club handicappers to calculate estimated times for up-coming handicapped events starting with the Novice Cup on 16th April.

Winners on the day were Ned Love, Gemma Bishell, Anna Love, Connor Pugh, Jorja Bacchus, Hunter Bendell, Lara Bacchus, Anna Barnes, Brenda Pottinger, Adam Baker, Stephen Blackwell, Robbie Barnes, Sheila Waters.
Full results here.
Top 3 results are as follows:
1000 metres
Girls 7 and under;
Anna Love 1 (7.14)
Boys 10 and under;
Ned Love 1 (5 21) Michael James 2 (5. 28).
Girls 10 and under;
Gemma Bishell 1 (5.36)
2000 metres
Boys 12 and under;
Connor Pugh 1 (10 .4), Fletcher Kopua 2 (11.56), Jack Love 3 (13.33)
Girls 12 and under;
Jorja Bacchus 1 (11 .6), Amber Bendell 2 (15. 33), Narvara Love 3 (18 . 11).
3000 metres
Boys 14 and under;
Hunter Bendell 1 (14.18), Sam Hamilton 2 (14.48), Angus Kopua 3 (21.04)
Girls 14 and under;
Lara Bacchus 1 (18.51)
Sheila Waters 1= (31.43), Kathryn Mann 1= (31.43), Linda Le Sueur 3 (31.51)
4000 metres
Girls 16 and under;
Anna Barnes 1 (24.19), Olivia Capper 2 (24.55)
6000 metres
Men under 19;
Adam Baker 1 (28.57)
4000 metres
Veteran Women;
Brenda Pottinger 1 (24.19), Lisa Kane 2 (24.51), Leanne Barnes 3 (28.51).
6000 metres
Senior Men;
Stephen Blackwell 1 (24.55)
Veteran Men;
Robbie Barnes 1 (25.22), John Kennedy 2 (26.01), Ed Massey 3 (29.00)

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King & Queen of the Withers 2016

This successful annual event was run on the Wither Hills Saturday 9th December 2016.
This year the Organisers decided to introduce online entries for the first time gaining 40 odd entries. This helped the lines at registration which started 7am. We had 142 finishers and 3 DNF.
The course takes you from the Rifle Range Carpark on the farm road to the base of Quail Stream then turns sharp right on the walking track to the base of the spur leading up to the Rotary Lookout. It then follows the skyline to past the Sutherland Stream track heading towards town until the trees then turn left running downhill until you meet the farm road, turn left and run back to Rifle Range Carpark finish. A distance of 10km. This course is challenging.
The race has options all over the same distance of the main race, hybrid which is a run/walk option and then the walkers.
The hybrid is for those that are not confident they can compete all the way running. This year those that finished under the 60 minutes were transferred to the main race as in the past we have had hybrid competitors coming in under the first 20 main race runner times.
Most coped with the hot, dry and windy conditions taking advantage of the water stops strategically placed along the course.
Stiff competition in all grades ensured some exciting finishes.
Results were: gh1601099870
Main 10km 1st Sam Hansby in 42.48 minutes and first Senior Man, 2nd Billy Hebberd in 44.23 minutes and 1st Vet Man home, 3rd Megan Craig 44.53 minutes and first Senior rw1601091244Woman home.
1st Marlborough Harrier Club member home was Robbie Barnes in 46.23 minutes claim the Denis Patchett Memorial trophy.
rw1601090768Hybrid 10km 1st home Jo Bray in 1.01.47 and 1st Vet Woman home, 2nd Catherine Snowden in 1.03.40 and 1st Senior Woman home and 3rd Haleigh Rayner in 1.05.49.
The highlight was seeing 8 year old Blake Hebberd come in at 31st place out of 51 in rw16010908361.18.58. A very creditable result for Blake.
gh1601099687Walking 10 km 1st Jonathon Martin in 1.17.05 and 1st Vet Man home, 2nd Helen Crampton in 1.27.36 and 1st Vet Woman, 3rd Rachel Watson in 1.29.58 and 1st Senior Woman.
Team event winners were Business House Rose Ag (Haleigh Rayner, John Kennedy, Megan Craig in a time of 2.37.00, Couples Nicola and Keiran Harris in a time of 2.06.13.
Thanks go to all competitors young and old for participating in this iconic race which has been going since 1977.
Thanks also to all organisers, officials enduring early starts, late finishes out in the hot day sun.
Thanks also to our sponsors being Wither Hills Winery (Main sponsor), AvantiPlus Blenheim and More FM.
Lastly thanks to the Management of the Wither Hills Farmpark for preparing the area so you could all enjoy the event.
Marlborough Harrier Club.

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King & Queen of the Withers results 2016

These are now posted under King and Queen of The Withers page under Events. Apologies for late posting.

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King and Queen of the Withers 2016

We are presently having technical problems with our website for posting of Race Results for today’s event.
We apologise for this delay and we are working to rectify this problem.

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