Burton Cup 27th April 2019 at Taylor Dam

Start of the Burton Cup 2019

Marlborough Harrier Club had a very successful cross- country event on Saturday 27th April 2019 at the Taylor Dam. This was for the annual Burton Cup. The original W.G. Burton Trophy was first presented in 1933 for a 5- mile Open Handicap. It is now presented for a Handicap Cross Country event in the calendar for all grades over varying distances. This race being handicapped gave everyone a chance to win the trophy.
This year was certainly different because unbeknown to us the Taylor Dam reserve was out of bounds so thanks to Bill Hunter and Marl Kennedy and GPS, 2 new courses were made up to cater for the varying distances.
The feedback at the finish line was “what a great Cross- Country course”
The event was run in very blustery warm conditions testing the competitors to their limit but they all had the same conditions.
It was great to have an increased number turn out for the junior grades with many new comers joining in.
The same went for Veteran Men with 5 new runners. That just added to the competition.
A full set of Burton Cup results can be found at
A full set of photos can be found on
1000 metres
Girls 7 and under;
Honor McKenzie 1 (6:08) and fast actual time

Start 10 and under Burton Cup 2019

Boys 7 and under;
Joseph Gilhooly 1 (5:00_ and fastest lap time.
Girls 10 and under;
Daire Robertson 1 (5:10) and fastest lap time. Hannah Gilhooly 2 (5:55)
2000 metres
Boys 12 and under;
Callum Rayner 1 (10:33), Harry MacNeill * (10:52), Billy Hurren 3 (11:01) Fastest actual time Callum Rayner (9:03)
Girls 12 and under;
Neve McKenzie 1 (9:00) Bella Rayner 2 (9:10)
Fastest actual time Neve McKenzie (8:30)
3000 metres
Girls 14 and under;
Jorja Bacchus 1 (16:53) and was fastest actual time.

Jorja Bacchus

Boys 14 and under;
Michael James 1 (14:41), Finn McKenzie 2 (15:01)
Fastest actual time Finn McKenzie (12:46)
4000 metres;
Sheila Waters 1= (44:46), Erin Waters * 1= (44:46)
6000 metres
Women 19 and under;
Anna Barnes 1 (38:58) and fastest actual time.
Veteran Women;
Tracey Sims 1 (34:09) and fastest actual time.
Alison Brook 1 (56:45) Winner of Burton Cup (Walkers)
8000 metres
Senior Women;
Gyuri Park 1 (52:59) and fastest actual time.

Brian Martin powering through

Veteran Men;
Brian Martin 1 (46:45), Graeme Lear 2 (47:54) *, Mark Kennedy 3 (47:58), Robbie Barnes 4 (48:17) Fastest actual time Robbie Barnes 32:47.
*Indicates a non- member of Marlborough Harrier Club.





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Novice Cup 6th April 2019

Overcast and firm footing conditions prevailed for those that contested the Marlborough Harrier Club’s Novice Cup Handicapped Cross Country event at Taylor Dam on Saturday afternoon. However, during the race, it turned cold and damp but that is Cross Country running/ walking. The handicap system works so as to give every competitor, no matter what their ability, an even chance of winning their grade. In theory everyone in their respective grade should cross the finish line together. The handicappers did a good job with most competitors coming in within a short time. We had grades represented from under 12 and under to veterans.
The next race at Taylor Dam is for the Burton Cup which is one of the club’s oldest trophies April 27th.
A full set of Novice Cup results can be found here
Photos from the day can be found here

Results of the Novice Cup are as follows:
Veteran Men John Dickason; Veteran Women Theresa Thompson; Walkers Barry Hyndman;
All other grades contested the winners have won medals in the past.

2000 metres

Boys 12 and under; Connor Pugh 1 (30.37), Cullum Rayner 2 (30.39) Jayden Lucas 3 (12.13).
Fastest actual Connor Pugh (7.52)
Girls 12 and under; Katie Pugh 1 (29.48),)
Fastest actual time: Katie Pugh (9.18).

3000 metres

Girls 14 and under; Jorja Bacchus 1 (28.37)
Fastest actual time Jorja Bacchus 14.37.
Boys 14 and under; Michael James 1 (29.16) Matthew Hall 2 (29.24)
Fastest actual time Michael James 14.16.
Walkers; Barry Hyndman 1 (48.35) Tony Burgess 2 (48.43), Judith Hyndman 3 (50.35),
Fastest Actual Time: Tony Burgess (21.58)

4000 metres

Veteran Women; Theresa Thompson 1 (43.57), Hayleigh Rayner 2 (47.40), Tracey Sims 3 (48.13),
Fastest Actual Time Haleigh Rayner (20.40)

6000 metres

Senior Men; Dale Smit 1 (49.48)
Fastest actual time Dale Smit 27.18.

Veteran Men; John Dickason 1 (47.30), Mark Kennedy 2 (47.51), Russell Lundon 3 (48.06), Fastest Actual Time: Mark Kennedy  (24.51)


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King and Queen of the Withers 5th January 2019

It was on a cool morning the Volunteers were out at 6 to prepare for the 43rd running of the King and Queen of the Withers. The cool did not stay as the heat arrived.
The Walkers were first off at 7.45am. 23 faced the 10km hilly course.
Next were the Hybrid at 8am over the same course. This section is for those that felt they could not run the event but comfortable running and walking. 56 took to the hills.
Next were the brave hearty souls at 8.30am taking on the hill work. 74 started and 74 finished.
In fact everyone who started finished for the first time for a while.
Conditions were not a cloud in the sky and got hotter as the morning progressed. Luckily all were off the hill by 10.30am which was before the real heat of the day reaching 33 degrees in the afternoon.
The Farm Manager co-operated very well in moving stock away from the main parts of the course and we thank him for that.
The course started off at Rifle Range Carpark taking competitors firstly on the farm road until Quail Stream then headed back across until they had to turn heading directly uphill to the Rotary Lookout. From there it was a matter of following the fence line along the skyline until they reached the peak then headed downhill past the line of trees and down the spur until they reached the farm road. It was then a matter of following the shady walk track until they arrived back at Rifle Range Carpark.
With the warmer temperatures no record was broken but still some very credible times were achieved.
Results are posted on www.harriers.net.nz but individual graded results are:

Running event

First Senior Man                     Jason Hunt                  42:47
First Senior Woman                Megan Craig               46.50
First Veteran Man                   Ian Thomas                  47.03
First Veteran Woman              Paula Oliver                53.58
First Junior Man                      Adam Forgeson           54.02
First Junior Woman                Anna Barnes               71.40

Hybrid Event

First Man                                 Patrick Dawkins          60.41
First Woman                           Catherine Snowden    61.45

Walking event

First Man                                 John Baxter                 88.08
First Woman                           Cathy Middleton         94.14

We ran a children’s event over a 1.5 course. Only 9 competed.

First Junior Male                     Fred Maher                  13.04

First Senior Male                    Rory Thompson            7.43
First Senior Female                 Bella Rayner                 8.33

King of the Withers 2019       Jason Hunt
Queen of the Withers 2019     Megan Craig

Winner of the Dennis Patchett Memorial trophy for the first Marlborough Harrier Club member home goes to Robbie Barnes in a time of 47.41.

Winners and Record Holders can be found here

A big thank you goes out to all the Volunteers on the course, timekeepers, recorders, Ron Adams for collating the results through the morning, Tail end Charlie making sure you all got home. Volunteers on the sausage sizzle and those who stayed to pack up.

Thank you to Marlborough District Council for allowing this iconic event to once again be a success and Rural Fire Service for attending as a just in case.

We look forward now to the 44th running of this event 2020.

Photos can be found here and here

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Molesworth Run 2018


The 23rd staging of the popular Molesworth Run through NZ’s largest farm was completed sat 17th in ideal conditions resulting in some impressive times and intense competition.

Seven soloists, five, two-person teams and forty-four, four-person teams battled the dust, stones altitude and changeable weather, that defines this event as a challenge not to be taken lightly.

Kiwi runner, now resident in Australia, Brent Harris made a return to the solo field this year, completing the grueling 84km in 7hrs 26min 41 sec. A keen competitor in this event, Harris maintains he will continue competing until he breaks the 7-hour mark.

Top Marlborough distance runner Robbie Barnes put in a gutsy performance having competed in several recent distance events to finish 2nd in a creditable 7. 51. 45

Stephen Blackwell followed in 8.07.36, with our own Jono Leach crossing the line in 9.02.48.

Katie Wright was 1st woman across the line in a smart 9.14 38

The two-person relay, (both competitors completing the marathon distance) was won by the Ben Wallbank, Tanya Bottomley combination in an impressive time of 7.25.06.

The Marlborough/Nelson teaming of experienced ultra-distance runner Margaret Hazelwood and Andrew Barker completed in 8.22.11.

First across the line in the 4-person team event was the impressive mixed team combination of Lisa Brignull, Shane Cross, Don Greig and Alex Simmonds in a quick time of 6.32.41.

The Marlborough open men’s teaming of Dale Smit, Eliot Roe, Seb Baachus and Cameron Kain chased valiantly to finish some 14 minutes later in a creditable time of 6.46.54.

First in the women’s category was the pairing of Kristin Dovey, Simona Avery, Izzy Jensen and Dannielle Taylor in a time of 8.05.19.
Full results from a memorable day in the high country can be seen on the Marlborough Harrier Club website.
Organisers wish to thank the great bunch of competitors who made the 23rd running of this event another great day enjoyed by all.

Maurice Brown
Race Convenor.

Full results can be found here.

Pete Marshall’s photos can be found here.

Dale Smit’s photos here

Kim Bacchus photos here.

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2018 prizegiving

The Club’s prizegiving celebrating successes during the 2018 season took place on Saturday 29th September 2018 at the Harrier Shed, Churchward Park, Blenheim.

Medals were presented to winners of the Club Championship races. Recipients can be found here.
Cups and medals were presented:

Vulcan Trophy – Most Promising Junior Boy Michael James

Western Trophy – Most Promising Junior Girl Anna BarnesPresident’s Supporters Cup Bill and Julie HunterPresidents Trophy  Bronwyn JamesJohn Western Memorial Cup  Leanne BarnesWalker of the Year  Alison Brook (absent)
Anita Neal Trophy – Most Improved Runner  Thomas Walsh (absent)
Harrier of the Year  Robbie BarnesThe Club also celebrated 20 years service to the Club. A presentation was made by the Club’s Patron John Bailey. Recipients are:
Allister LeachRay and Sheila WatersThe Club also recognised several Club members who gave considerable service during the 2018 season. They were Julie Hunter, Bronwyn James, Ed Massey, Phil Taylor, Les McKay

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