2017 King & Queen of the Withers

Race briefing for the run race.

Saturday morning 7th January 2016. The scene was set, weather perfect and course conditions the best they have been.
Volunteers had been out since 6am setting up tents, BBQ, drinks then marshals set out to their designated position around the course to make sure all took the right turns and all were okay for the conditions.
Start finish line was beside the Rifle Range Road Carpark for all categories other than the children who ran a 1.5km course along and back the bottom of the Wither Hills.
We had 180 competitors pre-enter online or entered on the day in various categories.
1st came the Walkers who set off at 7.45am. The field favorite was Barry Neal so long as his replacement hips held up. Barry was walking in memory of his late Son who passed away last year and to support Suicide Awareness.
Results for this section was from a field of 25:
Overall: 1 Bary Neal 1.11.55 (1st veteran men); 2 Dave Leahy 1.12.24; 3 Gwen Connor 1.23.44 (1st veteran women); 4 Tracey Bradshaw 1.37.58 (1st senior women).
The time difference in this category for finishers was 1 hour 40 minutes. We thought we had lost 2 special ladies from Holland but then got a message from the top of the course they had stopped for coffee. The writers fault as at registration they were told to have a good look at the views. Did not realize they already had a flask of coffee. Well done Jolanda and Tinele.
Next off was Hybrid which is a mix of walking and running and really these 2 should be of equal parts. We have a rule that if you come in 60 minutes or under you are swapped to the running race. This did happen to only one competitor this year who finished in 59.42.
It came very close for the eventful winner John Urlich in a time of 1 hour 21 seconds. Well done John.
Results were for this section was from a field of 42:
Overall: 1 John Urlich 1.00.21 (1st veteran men); 2 Hugh Benger 1.02.21; 3 Haleigh Rayner 1.06.01 (1st senior women); 4 Jo Fowke 1.06.47 (1st veteran women); 5 Gina Botham 1.09.03; 6 Haydn Mearns 1.09.22; 7 Darren Simpson 1.09.28; 8 Katie Foley-Taylor 1.09.52 (1st junior woman); 9 Andrew Mann 1.10. 25 (1st senior men); 10 Tim Ting (1.10.27)

And they are off for the run of their lives.

Next off was the race to decide who the King and Queen 2017 was to be. Favorites were past King  Sam Hansby and Queen Megan Craig. There were plenty nipping their heals along the course but both won out in the end.
Results from this section from a field of 87:
Overall: 1 Sam Hansby 41.47 (1st Senior Man and King of the Withers); 2 Stephen Blackwell 43.06 (2nd Senior Man); 3 James Kuegler 45.16 (3rd Senior Man); 4 Jason Hunt 45.38; 5 Megan Craig 47.19 (1st Senior Woman and Queen of the Withers); 6 Stu Cottam 47.47 (1st Veteran Man); 7 Chris Webb 48.31; 8 Grant Beattie 48.35; 9 Mark O’Reilly 48.43 (2nd Veteran Man); 10 Robbie Barnes 48.48 (3rd Veteran Man); 19 George Varney 53.02 (1st Junior Man); 22 Connor McLeod 53.20 (2nd Junior Man; 27 Jack Boon 54.47 (3rd Junior Man); 57 Hannah Barnsley 1.05.01 (1st Junior Woman); 67 Aimee Stuit 1.08.22 (2nd Junior Woman).
For the first time in the race history we had a 1.5km children’s race where we had 24 competitors. The start was the fastest of all the events and good results came in.
Overall results:
Overall: 1 Jorja Bacchus 7.07; 2 Freya Thompson 8.01; 3 Rory Thompson 8.07; 4 Lexi Timpson 8.13.
Business House results (3 to a team):
1 Rose Ag (Haleigh Rayner, Anna Archie, Nick Rayner); 2 Team Yealands (Brian Strong, Darren Simpson, Loren Hickin); 3 The Who Family (Caitlin Morris, Phil Morris, Sarah Morris).
Couples – living together in a partnership or marriage.
1 Andrew Jones 55.25 (Run) Jo Jones 1.02.24 (Run) combined time 1.57.49 1 Haleigh Rayner 1.06.01 (Hybrid) Nick Rayner 53.19 (Run) combined time 1.59.20

Full set of results go here.


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Life membership Maurice Brown Dec 2016


Unbeknown to Maurice a lot of work went into the granting and presentation of Maurice Brown’s life Membership of Marlborough Harrier Club.
The ball started to roll some 12 to 18 months ago when we settled on the process but it has taken to December 6th 2016 to finally get a function where we could do justice to the conferring of this honor.
Originally after the process approvals were given by the club membership at the Club’s November AGM which had to be bought forward 2 weeks to enable the presentation to made at the conclusion of the 2016 Molesworth Run. That had to be cancelled because of the 14/11/2016 Kaikoura earthquake so we had to find another function.
It was decided to have a “Movie” night at “The Garlic Shed” which is run by Maurice and Caroline but we had to keep the secret as to the real reason. Secret held firm and Maurice was presented with his Life Membership.
This honor was conferred on Maurice for his contributions to Marlborough Harrier Club over many years. These included Committee Member, Secretary, President plus he investigated, sought approvals and Managed The Molesworth Run since it first ran in 1995. This event is a huge commitment on Maurice and his small band of committee each year with Maurice’s work starting at the conclusion of each years event.
A worthy recipient joining the ranks of Life Members John Bailey, Ted Lucas, Murray Taylor, Bob Fox, Alison Brook, Les McKay, Ross Logan.
Congratulations Maurice.

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2017 Committee

The Club’s AGM was held on Wednesday 16th November 2016 after it was bought forward so that it did not clash with The Molesworth Run. The Molesworth Run was cancelled because of the 14th November 2016 earthquake that caused considerable damage to infrastructure on the road leading to the race start, damage through the Molesworth. We also had to postpone the AGM from 14th November to 16th November. All in all we had the safety of our members to consider.
The AGM was held and a new committee duly elected for 2017. Your new committee are listed here:
Patron                                                              John Bailey
Honorary Vice Presidents                           Ted Lucas and Les McKay
President                                                        Allister Leach
Senior Vice President                                   Bill Hunter
Treasurer                                                        Alison Brook
Secretary                                                         Leanne Barnes
Club Captain (Co)                                         Peter Mann
Club Captain (Co)                                         Cameron Kain
Race Secretary                                               Neville Marr
Handicapper (Men)                                     Robbie Barnes
Handicapper (Women)                              Bronwyn James
Handicapper (Children)                             Bronwyn James
Handicapper (Walkers)                              Sheila Waters
Children’s liaison                                         Bronwyn James
Webmaster                                                    Warren Hall
Committee                                                     Ray Waters, Dale Smit.

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Competing overseas

Robbie Barnes: competed in the Marathon at the World Masters Games in Perth in the weekend.
He came third in the 50 – 55 age group in the time of 2:54:28 – A fantastic effort.
Well done Robbie.

Paul Knight:  Paul is off to Athens or has left for Athens to run his 100th marathon. What an ideal place to run your 100th.
We wish Paul every success and look forward to hearing how you went upon your return.

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2016 Prizegiving held 2nd October 2016

Junior and senior annual prizegiving held at The Harrier Shed, Churchward Park, Taylor Pass Road on Sunday 2nd October 2016.

For the first time we trialed having our prizegiving all together for all grades.

The day started with the prizegiving. Trophies for individual events held during the season were given out. See prizegiving results on http://www.harriers.net.nz/resultsfiles/2016/2016-10-02-Club-Trophies-for-season.pdf

This was followed with special awards presented at the closure of the season namely;

Recipients of annual trophies Marlborough Harrier Club – photo courtesy David Smit

Vulcan Trophy – Most promising midget boys                      Michael James

Western Trophy – Outstanding midget girl                            Jorja Bacchus

Most improved walker                                                            Kaye Leach

Anita Neal Trophy – Most improved runner                          Bill Hunterdsc_0080

President Supporters Cup                                                       Les McKay

John Western Memorial Cup – sportsmanship                        Peter & Kathryn Mann

President’s trophy – best club spirit                                        Tracey Sims

Harrier of the Year                                                                  Margaret Hazelwooddsc_0084

The club recognizes service by individuals by presenting them with a specially struck medal. This year it was Julie Hunter. Julie has over the 20 years been a willing participant in timekeeping and recording at all races within the club plus public events like King & Queen of the Withers, Mt Vernon Challenge, Queen Charlotte Relay and The Molesworth.


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