Club Kaikoura Run

What a fantastic day Saturday with the Kaikoura Peninsula run on the
harrier calendar.
Alastair Christie got us there and back in the safe manner he always
does and the 11 harriers/walkers on board spent 1 – 1-30minutes
running or walking around the well marked and informative Kaikoura
The day was spectacular with the sun reflecting the snow in the
gullies of the Seaward Kaikoura’s like new corrugated iron – not a
breathe of wind,and to the South as far as the eye could gaze.
It is harrier trips like that make one get to know the province and
the complimentary coach trip returned your annual Harrier subscription
in one afternoon !! A great day and a day to remember I’m sure,  for
those 11 who responded to your call !

David Bendell

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5km time trial, MHC Club Road Champs, Fairhall Road Race


Start of the various events all off go.

This year the Club ran/walked 3 events on the Fairhall circuit simultaneously. The reason for doing this was to enable the Club to put on more alternative events within our winter calendar.
The event was run in fine warm conditions which meant reasonable times for all.
Results are as follows:

Jorja Bacchus

5000 metres Time Trial
Boys 14 and under;
Michael James 1 (29:01)
Girls 14 and under; Jorja Bacchus
1 (30:42)
Walkers; Judith Hyndman 1 (41:07), Sheila Waters 2 (42:23), Kay Leach 3 (44:22)
Senior Women
Megan Kain 1 (29:49)
Veteran Women;
Tracey Sims 1 (25:14), Jill Spooner 2 (26:27), Carey Dickason 3 (27:00)
Veteran Men;
Mark Kennedy 1 (18:52), Brody Halkett 2 (20:28), Rowan Ingpen 3 (22:24)

Club Road Championship 2019
1000 metres

Girls 7 and under;
Honor McKenzie 1 (5:47)
2000 metres
Boys 12 and under;
Callum Rayner 1 (8:02),
Girls 12 and under;
Neve McKenzie 1 (7:58), Bella Rayner 2 (11:34)
3000 metres

Michael James boys 14 and under

Margaret Hazelwood winner Vet Women Fairhall Road Race

Boys 14 and under; Michael James 1 (14:03)
Girls 14 and under; Jorja Bacchus 1 (14:29)
5000 metres
Junior Women under 19
; Anna Barnes 1 (30:15)
Veteran Women; Hayleigh Rayner 1 (26:24), Margaret Hazelwood 2 (27:05), Kathryn Mann 3 (35:40)
Walkers: Judith Hyndman 1 (41:27), Barry Hyndman 2 (44:16), Kay Leach 3 (45:24)
10000 metres
Senior Men; Dale Smit 1 (45:48)
Veteran Men;
Robbie Barnes 1 (40:05), Ed Massey 2 (44:05), Peter Mann 3 (48:10)

Fairhall Road Race
1000 metres
Girls 7 and under;
Honor McKenzie 1 (5:47)
2000 metres
Boys 12 and under; Callum Rayner 1 (8:02)
3000 metres
Boys 14 and under;
Michael James 1 (14:03)
Girls 14 and under; Jorja Bacchus 1 (14:29)
10000 metres
Senior Men; Dale Smit 1 (45:48)
Veteran Men; Peter Mann 1 (54:10), Ed Massey 2 (56:05) Seb Bacchus 3 (57:27) Fastest running time Robbie Barnes (40:05)
Veteran Women; Margaret Hazelwood 1 (53:27), Hayleigh Rayner 2 (53:28), Fastest running time Hayleigh Rayner (53:13)
Social Walkers; Barry Hyndman 1 (1:28:47), Kay Leach =2 (1:30:13), Shona Allen =2 (1:30:13) Fastest walking time Barry Hyndman (1:25:47)

Kay Leach and Shona Allen 2nd = Fairhall Road Race Walkers

Photos can be viewed here        Full results can be viewed here

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My Vernon Grand Traverse 18km, Fun run walk 11km and Kids Challenge 2km 2019

Marlborough Harrier Club organized the iconic Marlborough event for the community of Marlborough. This year it was held on Sunday 9th June 2019.
There were 3 races people could enter.
The main event Mt Vernon Grand Traverse 18km which took you to the top of the Wither Hills skyline with its peak on Mt Vernon.
Next was the Mt Vernon fun run walk 11km which took you up Sutherland Stream ending up joining the main race course.
Of course the children needed a challenge so their race was along the base of the Wither Hills on an out and in course total 2km.
The conditions of the course was the best we have had for many years so records were on the line on all events.
The day started off – 2 degrees with frost for the organisers who were out there setting up at 6am. By the time racing started it had warmed up to a toasty 12 degrees but different on the ridges with the wind chill factor.
Still runners and walkers are a hardy bunch with smiles all round at the finish.

George Varney, a Club Member and student at Marlborough Boys College took line honours in the 18km Grand Traverse Men in a time of 1:12:05 beating his last years’ time of 1:16:04. In doing so he beat the course record of 1:13:24 set in 2012 by Jeremy McKenzie. Not too far behind was Sam Hansby in 1:13:23. Sam also broke the record by 0:00:01. He was followed by Harry Carrick in 1:20:18.

In the women’s race Megan Graham came in first in a time of 1:21:37 and 5th overall beating her own course records of 1:23:04 set in 2016. Katie Malthus second in 1:1:36:20 and Jeanette Landers third in 1:40:36.

In the 11km fun Run/Walk men, Philip Taylor blitzed the field in a time of 0:50:33 but not beating the course record set by Jeremy McKenzie 0:47:31 in 2016. Lucan Orchard followed in 0:56:31 and Andrew Gifford third in 0:59:16.

In the 11km women’s race Lucy Harman was first in 0:58:50 and 3rd overall breaking the course record last held by Emily Marfell 0:59:43 set in 2018. Not bad for a 16-year-old. Second was Cat Manson in 0:59:18 and third Robyn Deane in 1:01:07.



In the 2km Kids Challenge girls Katherine de Zwart took line honours in 0:09:36 with Katie Pugh in 0:9:36 sharing 1st place and third Melody Johnston in 0:11:07.

For 2km Kids Challenge boys Cashel King won in 0:10:32, Corbinian Merkle 2nd in 0:10:43 and Joel Laurance third in 0:10:56.





A huge thank you to the Volunteers spending their time doing what was needed to be done, Competitors of all ages in all grades and all our very generous sponsors.

See you all 2020.

Photos courtesy of Kim Bacchus can be found here

Photos courtesy of David Smit can be found here

Full results can be found here

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2019 Cross Country Championships

The conditions were perfect for the annual cross country champs being held on Kemp’s Farm, 17 Valley at the base of Weld Pass.  The course was made up of a 1 km, 2 km and a 3 km loop which was testing in places and mostly dry underfoot, although the creeks had just enough water to ensure feet got wet.  A lot of members were absent and numbers were low in all categories except veteran men and veteran women, who were competing over 8 km and 6 km respectively.  The field spread out reasonably quickly from the start as all competitors in all grades started together, including the walkers.  Although the junior boys and girls numbers were low there was still some good competition going on.

It was mentioned that the little hills in the first lap seemed to become mountains in the second.

An excellent day of competition with reciprocal banter afterwards.

Al Leach




Photos can be found here


Full results can be found here

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Burton Cup 27th April 2019 at Taylor Dam

Start of the Burton Cup 2019

Marlborough Harrier Club had a very successful cross- country event on Saturday 27th April 2019 at the Taylor Dam. This was for the annual Burton Cup. The original W.G. Burton Trophy was first presented in 1933 for a 5- mile Open Handicap. It is now presented for a Handicap Cross Country event in the calendar for all grades over varying distances. This race being handicapped gave everyone a chance to win the trophy.
This year was certainly different because unbeknown to us the Taylor Dam reserve was out of bounds so thanks to Bill Hunter and Marl Kennedy and GPS, 2 new courses were made up to cater for the varying distances.
The feedback at the finish line was “what a great Cross- Country course”
The event was run in very blustery warm conditions testing the competitors to their limit but they all had the same conditions.
It was great to have an increased number turn out for the junior grades with many new comers joining in.
The same went for Veteran Men with 5 new runners. That just added to the competition.
A full set of Burton Cup results can be found at
A full set of photos can be found on
1000 metres
Girls 7 and under;
Honor McKenzie 1 (6:08) and fast actual time

Start 10 and under Burton Cup 2019

Boys 7 and under;
Joseph Gilhooly 1 (5:00_ and fastest lap time.
Girls 10 and under;
Daire Robertson 1 (5:10) and fastest lap time. Hannah Gilhooly 2 (5:55)
2000 metres
Boys 12 and under;
Callum Rayner 1 (10:33), Harry MacNeill * (10:52), Billy Hurren 3 (11:01) Fastest actual time Callum Rayner (9:03)
Girls 12 and under;
Neve McKenzie 1 (9:00) Bella Rayner 2 (9:10)
Fastest actual time Neve McKenzie (8:30)
3000 metres
Girls 14 and under;
Jorja Bacchus 1 (16:53) and was fastest actual time.

Jorja Bacchus

Boys 14 and under;
Michael James 1 (14:41), Finn McKenzie 2 (15:01)
Fastest actual time Finn McKenzie (12:46)
4000 metres;
Sheila Waters 1= (44:46), Erin Waters * 1= (44:46)
6000 metres
Women 19 and under;
Anna Barnes 1 (38:58) and fastest actual time.
Veteran Women;
Tracey Sims 1 (34:09) and fastest actual time.
Alison Brook 1 (56:45) Winner of Burton Cup (Walkers)
8000 metres
Senior Women;
Gyuri Park 1 (52:59) and fastest actual time.

Brian Martin powering through

Veteran Men;
Brian Martin 1 (46:45), Graeme Lear 2 (47:54) *, Mark Kennedy 3 (47:58), Robbie Barnes 4 (48:17) Fastest actual time Robbie Barnes 32:47.
*Indicates a non- member of Marlborough Harrier Club.





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